• How do I Apply my Brow Wigs

Applying the brow wigs is relatively easy and with a little practice adds very little time to your usual makeup routine. For your convenience we have created a specific page with detailed instructions - Click here to see our FALSE EYEBROWS - HOW TO page.

• How are the wigs made?

The wigs are made from 100% human hair.  Each individual hair has been injected into a very flexible PU backing which is the closest thing to skin. We do not manufacturer our wigs with a lace backing as the adhesive can often seep through lace wigs and damage the hair. 


• How long will my wigs last?
Once applied to the skin the wigs will last up to 7 days. In total the wigs should last 2 to 3 months (however we have had some clients who have had their wigs last them 8 months). After this time the brows will need to be replaced.


• I have some natural brow hair. Do you recommend the wigs for me?

It all depends on how much brow hair you have. If you h ave to much natural brow hair the wigs will not work. Please email us a picture of your brows to if you are not sure.


• What color brow wig should I purchase?

We always recommend not choosing a colour to dark as the wigs can look a little darker once applied to the skin. If you have dark hair we suggest a brow wig 1 or 2 shades lighter. You are always best to choose a lighter wig then apply brow powder over the top if it needs darkening slightly. 


• How do I remove any adhesive build up from the back of the wigs?
Adhesive build up on the back of the wigs can be removed by soaking the brows in our Adhesive Remover in a small shallow dish (similar to a sauce dish). Soak for 15min and be sure to thoroughly pat dry.


• Can I wear my wig in the pool or shower?
Yes you can wear your wigs in the shower however we do not recommend placing your head under the shower tap or saturating your brows in water as this can cause damage to the wigs. Also keep all shampoos and conditioners away from the brow wigs. If you are planning on placing your head under the water when swimming then we do not recommend you swim.


• What if I can see some of the backing once applied to my skin?
This could be that you have not applied enough adhesive to the back of the wigs. Be sure to always apply the adhesive right to the edge of the wigs and press very firmly when applying holding down for approx 1 minute.